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25 Wedding Venues in New Hampshire

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Quick responderStoneGarden5.0 Westmoreland, NHUp to 200 guestsSelect servicesOutdoorWith over 30 years combined experience in hospitality, you can trust the experience of owners, Kristen and Frank Riley. Together they are committed to tailoring your wedding day the way you have always imagined. Stone Garden offers excellence, both as a stunning venue space and with the services we provide. Clients can choose from our wedding planning services, or customize their own. We provide bar services as well. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, we’ll accommodate all of your wedding planning needs, with the entire Stone Garden team here to serve you.“Kristen and Frank knocked it out of the park. We used Kristen for her wedding planning and florist services. Her arrangements were out of this world. We had a general idea for what we wanted and working with Kristen we were really able to hone in on our vision. She even brought up things that we weren’t even thinking of. Frank and Kristen’s set up was awesome and made the most beautiful setting for our wedding. The day off, there were no questions and thoughts. Kristen and Frank handled everything. Even the huge transition from an outdoor/indoor wedding to only indoor due to rain. We can’t say enough nice things about Kristen and Frank and how wonderful they made our special day!”Samuel R., a year agoTrendingSeacoast ScienceCenter5.0 Rye, NHUp to 150 guestsRaw spaceOutdoorStarts at $9,750 The Seacoast Science Center is situated on the ocean’s edge in historic Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH boasts a different view each hour, from the tides to fog clearing into clear sky. Exchange vows in front of our rocky shoreline ceremony site with the sound of crashing waves, followed by dinner and dancing beneath an al fresco tent all while enjoying ocean panoramas with sparkling seas dotted with sailboats, four different lighthouses, and the Isles of Shoals. Welcome your guests to explore our exhibits in the Center and share the Seacoast Science Center mission. Your rental supports its efforts to promote conservation and health of our oceans. Please contact Hollie Dutton at 603-436-8043, ext. 14 or to request a tour and book your wedding.“We loving having our sunning and colorful wedding at your amazing venue! Our guests talked about the views and the food and everyone had a wonderful time! The day was full of rain but it stopped just in time for the bride to walk the aisle and as we said our “I do’s” a rainbow came out and then some brief rain and then it opened up into a beautiful sunshine filled evening. We loving working with everyone here and had a stunning event. Thank you so much for your help and venue! It’s also a total steal for the price!”Isabel K., a year agoQuick responderOdyssey Events at the Back of theMoonBridgewater Corners, VTUp to 125 guestsSelect servicesOutdoorStarts at $2,500 For decades Ted and Linda Fondulas have worked together as successful restaurateurs and event planners. In their 3rd act, they open up their wildly beautiful property for your occasion. Their venue, Back of the Moon, is located on a hilltop in the heart of VT near Killington Ski Resort. From the renewal of vows and offbeat elopements to bachelorette cooking parties or more traditional weddings, their private oasis kicks it for your affair. Chef Ted offers cooking classes and Linda is seasoned in event planning, so their food and beverage knowledge along with Linda’s aesthetic assists you in masterminding your special day. Their beloved property is now offered to you and yours for small or large affairs. 10 people or less: Cook and be Mini-monied pkg. is $825 for two people. For larger, tented events $2800 includes 95 photo-op acres of hiking trails, forest, two ponds, plus vendor recommendations. A third option is a tented event on the bank of their large pond for 11-30 people.Quick responderFullerGardensNorth Hampton, NHUp to 50 guestsRaw spaceOutdoorThis historical site was first designed in 1927 for former governor of Massachusetts, Alvan Fuller. We are one of the last working formal estate gardens of the early 20th century. The meticulously maintained rose gardens, with over one hundred varieties, begin their season long bloom cycle in late June and continue through October. There is a Japanese garden, complete with a small bridge and Koi pond, which blooms in early May. The English perennial plantings provide a continuous array of color and interest from spring until fall. The gardens are lined within large sculpted hedges, and the rose beds are framed in an array of superbly kept turf paths.TrendingTrapshireLlc.Charlestown, NHUp to 150 guestsSelect servicesIndoorStarts at $2,000 We offer a rustic but elegant barn venue located along the Connecticut river. We offer an outside ceremony site on the waters edge that is peaceful and serene. We supply all tables, chairs and linens. We also provide cleanup after your event.The Preserve atChocoruaTamworth, NHUp to 300 guestsSelect servicesIndoor & outdoorWelcome to The Preserve at Chocorua; a picturesque White Mountain estate tucked away in the historic town of Tamworth, New Hampshire. The Preserve is a unique property that lends itself to taking it easy, letting time slowly drift by as you reflect on the nostalgia of days gone by. The Preserve was among the earliest farms to open its doors and was known as "Hayford's in the Fields" in the 1890's. It is our intent to extend a warm welcome to all those who choose to host their event with us. We hope you enjoy this exquisite property and form everlasting memories as you celebrate your joyous occasion.




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Top 25 Garden Wedding Venues in New Hampshire - Zola (2024)


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